Let's talk about exams and nogozo

Sampath   January 10, 2022

Today any education we pursue is ended by an exam. Beginning with there are various exams like govt exams,i,e,upsc,nda and other exams like ca,medical,neet,aiims,engineering,iit,jee.

Also, there are some basic level exams like boards, class 10, class 12 which include subjects like science,physics,chemistry,maths,biology ,commerce.

Now two important questions arise-
(1) How do you start reading for any exam?
(2) What is the source? Obviously, the answer is books.

Today it is difficult to buy novels or books for any exam which are of good quality and at affordable price. But surprisingly we have Nogozo. Yes!Nogozo is a platform where user can buy, rent and sell books.

Nogozo gives us this unique feature,i.e,book or used book at your door step. Sounds kind an interesting right! All the other platforms sell freshly manufactured books today whereas Nogozo provides help on either of the sides,i.e,sell a book or buy a book but at an affordable price tag. Simply saying it's like planting a tree again.

In this platform any user can rent a book for any amount of time as by the rules and also buy a book for any exam as their requirement. A second-hand book won't change any content in the book instead it will give a user satisfaction that this second-hand book was used by someone else to gain knowledge. So, there is no harm in renting or buying a second-hand book at affordable price.Nogozo also provides an app on play store to make it easier where features remain the same ,rent,buy,sell used books. Maybe there are some other apps which provide the same feature but one unique feature stands out in Nogozo,i.e,free home delivery. Free home delivery maintains the standard of the platform by respecting a user of whether they sell their book or buy used books by giving free home delivery.

People don't want to buy used books or second-hand books or used books at high price tag so Nogozo is available. Point to be noted again that this platform provides free home delivery at affordable cost.
For those who also want to help poor kids or people in their education can buy or sell or rent a used book or second-hand book.

Coming to exams now we don't have to think twice for preparing for an exam because we have Nogozo which is our unique source for buying a book or renting a book. Half of our burden for an exam is reduced when you use the right platform to buy a book.

People or user might wonder whether every book is available or not. So, for that you might want to want to install or explore this app free of cost and you may also use some referral code from your friend or family. You can also share your referral code to your friends or family so that they get 50% discount on buying a book. You are just a step away to download this app.

The word Nogozo itself amazes us. Next time when anybody asks about Nogozo or finding it difficult to prepare for an exam or to buy a book answer them "Nogozo".

Thank you.