Who is Wimpy Kid ? Brief of his crazy Diaries and Books (Part 2)

Yugal Agarwal   23 June 2022

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is an American fiction book series and media franchise created by author and cartoonist Jeff Kinney. The series follows Greg Heffley, a middle-schooler who illustrates his daily life in a diary.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid first appeared on FunBrain in 2004, where it was read 20 million times.
The book was adapted into a live-action feature film, which was released on March 19, 2010, and an animated film adaptation was released on Disney+ on December 3, 2021

List of 10 DOAWK in chronological Order is as follows -
First 5 Discussed in Part 1

6. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever

The story starts before Christmas, when Greg Heffley wants to behave well to get really good gifts for the holidays. In addition, his mother obtains a doll which she calls "Santa's Scout" that is meant to keep track of how he behaves and make his behavior better. Greg is afraid of this doll because he thinks that it might actually send information to Santa.

Greg starts playing an online game called "Net Kritterz" that is based around treating a virtual pet and requires paid features. Greg's mom, Susan, doesn't want to give him money to spend on the site and says he has to earn money on his own. Greg tries some bad ideas for getting money until he finds out that he can buy "Drummies", tasty fried chicken snacks that are sold at his school's holiday bazaar, for less than the school sells them for, so he decides to start his own holiday bazaar and invites his best friend Rowley to do it with him. They first attempt to build a cardboard home-made version of Pac-Man, which fails to work. They realize they need to advertise their bazaar and try to ask the local newspaper to do it. However, they discover the newspaper's advertising fee is very expensive, so they try to establish their own newspaper, The Neighborhood Tattler. When a string of conflicts and failures prevent them from making their paper a reality, they decide to hang up posters that advertise their bazaar in their town, starting with the school, but rain causes all the ink to bleed on the school's walls, leaving green stains that won't come off. After narrowly escaping with only their face shapes noted, the school administrators and police search for the culprits: they ask the whole student body to tell them who did it anonymously. Scared of getting caught, Rowley leaves a note at the principal's desk anonymously saying "Me and Greg Heffley vandalized the school." The vice principal asks Greg if he would like to name his partner, but Greg refuses to avoid sending his friend into trauma, and agrees to scrub the dye off himself. When Greg arrives home, he discovers a note from the police stating they visited to find nobody home and that they will return later; believing the vice principal went back on his word and has sold his name to them, Greg contemplates how he'll have to avoid his arrest.

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7. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel

Greg recalls several anecdotes from the time of his conception to his preschool years, notable ones include how his mother read to him before bed, how his parents’ excessive kissing supposedly led to his premature birth, and his difficulties in learning how to walk. After talking about what his life was like from before he was born to his preschool years, Greg explains some of the new parenting methods his mother has tried on Manny and how Manny has been affected by those methods, which differ from those of Greg's.

After comparing his childhood to that of Manny's, Greg decides to do chores when his Uncle Gary shows up at the front door. Uncle Gary explains how he was tricked into a “business opportunity of a lifetime” and needs a place to stay while getting back up onto his feet. He moves in before Greg's father can object to the proposition.

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8.Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck

Hard Luck is the eighth installment of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series. The series follows a middle school student named Greg Heffley and the various problems he encounters. The book is outlined with simple, black-and-white illustrations. Hard Luck is a direct sequel to the previous book, The Third Wheel, which is about Greg and his best friend Rowley taking a girl named Abigail to a Valentine's Day dance.

Hard Luck opens with Greg recalling his mother's words that "friends will come and go but family is forever." He agrees with this statement, as Rowley has been refusing to hang out with him and agreeing with everything Abigail says since they started going out. Getting bored without Rowley, Greg takes his mother's advice to "branch out" and meet the kids in the neighborhood. He chooses to befriend his strange neighbour named Fregley. After Greg tries to get him to be funny during lunch, Fregley becomes popular with other students when they find out that he can "chew" food with his belly button.

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9. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

As Greg Heffley's summer vacation starts, his mother announces that the family will be going on a surprise road trip. As they pack their suitcases for the trip, Greg's father brings his old boat, towing it behind the van as so to fit luggage.

After a day of driving, including some road trip games and a Spanish lesson, the Heffleys stop at a run-down motel. Greg and his brother Rodrick visit the hot tub, which is already in use by another family. Later on, Greg's sleep is disturbed by a group of kids riding on a cleaning cart, whom he recognizes from the hot tub. He yells at them and is intimidated by their father, then quickly returns to his room. The next day, the Heffleys visit a county fair. While driving, Greg notices the family from the motel in a purple van and nicknames them "the Beardos" after their father's notable beard. At the fair, Greg's little brother, Manny, wins a live baby pig from a contest. The pig stays in the back of the van with Greg.

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10. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School

Greg Heffley talks about how his mother does not like technology and smartphones, and is starting a petition to prevent the town from using electronic devices for a weekend. As his school year starts, Greg wants to try something different, so he signs up for the Homework Buddies program. At home, Greg's grandfather moves in with them after the rent is raised at his retirement home and his girlfriend breaks up with him. After Greg forgets to screw the toothpaste cap back on, his father Frank lectures him about how small things can lead to big consequences.

Greg hears about a school trip to an old-fashioned farm, which he decides not to attend. His mother gets enough signatures for her petition, so the next day, Greg attends a park cleanup. He gets tired and runs away, then meets up with his Homework Buddy. A teenager doing community service follows them as well, and when they are soon located by the adults, Greg pins the blame on him.

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