Dark and Twisted - Review

Anjitha Gireesh   July 19, 2020

Do you love twisted stories that give your brain a run for its money? Do you like watching a plot unfold and being able to connect all the dots? To tie up all those loose ends to make a pretty bow? Well, then, by all means, check out this German series that took time travel to a whole new level.

Fair warning, there are spoilers ahead. So, if you are going to give this show a try, then stop reading this article this instant! Come back after you have ventured through three seasons of this dark world.
This show concluded their story with their third and last season that came out on NETFLIX on June 27th this year. With the pandemic ranging around us, it was only natural for people to jump onto any promising series that is offered during these quarantine days. Dark was popular way before this unfortunate pandemic, when it first came out in December 2017 because of its unique narrative. Some might find this show to be at least a little bit similar to the 2014 movie, Predestination. Personally, although I do see the looping time travel to be mimicking that of the film, I still find them to be drastically different as well. Besides, everyone in this show isn't the same person. Oops, that's major predestination spoiler for you! Sorry about that.

Now, back to the show. The show starts with Michael Kahnwald (who is actually Mikkel Nielsen who travelled back to the past) taking his own life after writing a letter and putting it aside in an envelope with the instruction that it should not be opened before November 4th, 10:13 P.M. Ines Kahnwald, Michael's mother (or so we think) picks it up before anyone else can see and abides by the instruction, only opening it after the said time. But, by then a series of events unfold that leads to the disappearance of Mikkel Nielsen (this is Michael, so you know where he went), the youngest son of Ulrich Nielsen (who is the son of Ines's sister, Jana Kahnwald). This starts off the extremely twisted tale that links almost all the inhabitants of the dark town named, Winden, with each other.

The first season was restricted to people time travelling to years that are 33 years apart, that is, 33 years to the past or future. The second season came with the added ability to travel to years that were separated by multiples of 33 as well. So, now they jump 66 or even 99 years back and forth. It is nowhere near done, fellas. Brace yourself for season 3, where time travel has no restrictions, and now there is another world parallel (or mirror) to the initial one, added to the mix for a little more fun. I realise now that there is no way I can simplify this plot, it is so tangled up that even trying to break it down for you readers seems like an impossible feat. So, I am not going to do that.

I would admit that the last two seasons didn't live up to the novelty and the unpredictability of the first season. By the final season, nothing can surprise you anymore. But, regardless, it is appreciable that they winded up the show with just three seasons, unlike a lot of other popular shows that keep dragging on season after season until one starts despising it. The show was able to explain most of the loose ends and lay to rest this looping, twisted, spiralling story with a not so disappointing end. In the end, when time travel was stopped completely, a lot of characters ceased to exist because their parents or ancestors were probably people who travelled back to the past. End of time travel meant that they never visited the past, and hence these central characters were never born. The last scene shows the ones that are left (whose parents were not time travellers, so, boring people), having dinner and Hannah (That was Michael's wife and Jonas's mother in time travel world) admitting that she would like to name her son Jonas.

Fade to black now

Three is an important number for the show. Three different aged characters of the same person set 33 years apart, and the triquetra symbol (shown to justify the slogan, 'everything is connected') representing the connection of the three worlds. And three seasons to tell the tale. If you have watched this show, then you would know that 'the end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end'.
But, this here is the actual end of this article.
Or is it? *wink wink.