Bonds with Bands

Vartika Jain   August 2, 2020

Tip-top-tip-top which colour do you want – red, blue, green, pink, yellow? Are you romantic partners, compassionate friends, loyal or cheerful ones? Friendship day is here and so are questions like these. The ultimate proof of relationships – the bands – also have their differences. But why these bands?

The tradition of tying threads or bands ranges from Raksha Bandhan to friendship day to even just a simple practice for protection. Rakhis are tied to symbolise the protection a brother provides to his sister and the mouli thread symbolises the protection God provided to his devotees. However, friendship is not a relationship about protection. Then why the friendship bands? What is their history?

As modern as this trend sounds, it started back in the 13th century in Arabia. Tying handwoven bracelets signified a commitment between two people. Removing the band meant dishonouring the efforts of the maker. Modern practices of tying friendship bands or bracelets seem not so different from such ancient customs then. However, everything is not what it seems on the surface.

Contrary to the present, where there are no rules to a friendship band, the older generations were stricter. From the colours, its design to even removing it, everything had rules. Do you want your friendship to remain the same throughout? Then don’t remove the band on your own. Let it come off naturally. You’re lucky if someone ties a bracelet with beads knotted in them. Why? Because you get to make a wish while the band is being tied.

Ever felt confused about what your friend feels about you? Friendship bands have the solution to that too. Got a red band? You’re honest. A pink one? You’re kind. Yellow is for hope and even jealousy and on goes the list. Choose the perfect colour for your feelings.

Friendships are as serious a bond as any other and giving them their due importance is something that all of us sometimes forget. Friendship bands symbolise the commitment and with all these rules now in front of us, we can realise how thoughtful the tradition is. This friendship day let us all value all those bonds that we’ve built and cherish them to the fullest. Let us all build bonds with bands.