Who is BINOD? Why is he trending?

Vartika Jain   August 9, 2020

“Jaise ek video dekh ke Binod Tharu bole Binod…Bas Binod. 7 log is comment ki Binodta se impress ho gaye.” The line that changed the trend of trends. Gone are the days when trends needed tasks. Now they just need names. BINOD aka Paytm, BINOD aka feedback, BINOD aka memes. #BINOD is Binod (oops, I mean everything).

It all started on 15th July 2020. YouTube channel Slayy Point posts a new video about the absurdity of the Indian comments section. There comes Binod – a person who comments just his name on a video. Cut to the YouTubers Abhyudaya and Gautami responding “Binod” in real-life situations. And BOOM! The netizens found their new trend. But what happened? How? Why?

The internet is a funny place and the netizens are as humorous as the net demands. In a bizarre year like 2020, when nothing can be trusted to remain normal, it is only normal to find people going wild over a random name to amuse themselves. Proving Shakespeare wrong, here are the netizens of 2020 saying everything’s in the name. Want to give a good feedback comment Binod, didn’t like the video comment Binod, want to become a part of the trend comment Binod as if this was not enough, twitter users challenged Paytm to change its name to Binod. And that’s not where it ends. The weirdness of this trend has gripped everyone so tightly that now even Paytm is Binod on Twitter, accepting the challenge. Nobody knows who is this Binod or even why this is such a trend. Why have people been enjoying writing just a name? Maybe it comes from the exam halls – where all you enjoy is writing your name. But who knows? That is the internet for you – filled with who knows what will happen.

Memes about Binod have been flooding social media and the biggest question now is not “Katappa ne Bahubali ko kyo maara?” or “Dayaben ki maa kaun hai?” or even “who understood Dark?” The biggest question now is WHO IS BINOD?? Nobody knows the answer to this question and I wonder if anyone will ever do. The popularity of this weird trend has increased to such an extent that hundreds of people have changed their usernames and channel names to Binod. The real Binod is now just a needle in the haystack.

Joining the search for Binod, the creators of Slayy Point made another video, acknowledging with surprise the trend that they unintentionally created. Later on, they video call random people hoping to find Binod but with no success just like the others. So here is the story behind the number one trend in India right now, the absurdity and randomness of which has even reached some foreign YouTubers. The Internet is a mystery and so is BINOD.