Indian Education Comparing With Foreign Education

Aishwarya   September 14, 2022

Education is the backbone of a country. Education is like a burning lamp through which one can see himself and the world around him. Life becomes valueless without education. Education makes one self-reliant and develops one's self￾confidence as knowledge is believed to be power.

Education begins at home and in the process of Education one’s mind gets opened up. After receiving informal Education the child enters school to receive formal education. The proper function of Education is to build an integrated personality.

Education does not mean the accumulation of knowledge. The mind should learn to deem and discriminate. Education is a lifelong process.

Our education system in India is very different from the education system in other countries. Often, Indian education is criticized for not providing a diverse platform to students where they get an opportunity of learning practically. The circumstances of a country play an important role in the foundation of an education system and shaping that education system in the coming years. The surroundings, the source, the process, and various other factors are also essential. While the roots of the Indian education system originate from the British education system itself, its consequential state resulted from the lack of infrastructure and funds.

Today, while many definitive measures are being taken to improve the state of Indian education, there is still a long way to go to achieve the standard of education as it is in some of the leading nations of the world. Until then, the path of abroad education can help Indian students get an education. The education systems in India and abroad vary drastically in a majority of aspects.

The main focus is to understand the difference between the Indian and foreign education systems, specifically if students are aspiring to study in a foreign land.

The comparison is done between Indian education and foreign education system as follows-

Indian education focuses more on theory rather than practical solely. Also, the Indian education system doesn’t allow creativity as such. On the other hand, in foreign countries; they focus more on practical based learning usually. It also allows creativity in the education system.

Indian education system teaches old technologies. Education system hasn’t changed much after Independence. Indian education system is very slow in adapting latest technology in curriculum. In foreign countries, curriculum changes according to the upgradation of technology and requirement of the industry.

In India students are requested to memorize facts and figures, thousands of equations of mathematics, birth dates and death dates of freedom fighters, and hundreds of other things, we emphasize on theory and in foreign country they impact knowledge in students through practical implementation.

In India students take admission seeing the trends. So if in a particular year majority of students rushing towards mechanical engineering, you are bound
to take admission in that .In short in India we go with the flow, whereas in foreign countries student wait until they get admission into their field of interest.

And at lastly we believe in grades and certificates. We believe in taking admission in IITs and IIMs whereas in foreign countries they believe in skills and focus more on what we had learnt in our schooling.

There are lot more reason why foreign education is better than Indian education. Now it’s time. we really need to change our education system and our mentality towards education.