Anu   August 18, 2022

As students, we are always on the look for books be it for a competitive examination like JEE, NEET, UPSC etc... Or for learning new things from various other books like novels, commerce or business books etc.

Do you realize we end up spending too much on books which is okay but what if you can actually rent them for whenever you want them and costs less than 100 bucks & you can get them delivered at your footstep?

If you have your class 10 or class 12 science, math used books which have no purpose now and are taking up your space you can sell them to people who would actually need it for their education.

Also if you love collecting books and read all the time then you can also buy them and stock up your collection every time you want to. YES, that’s right. Nogozo is your one stop destination to buy rent & sell books and you can also get free home delivery of your favorite books in less than 24

Nogozo offers second hand books as well which will be much cheaper.

School & college going students can choose from various subjects like math, chemistry, physics, engineering, commerce etc.

Students who are preparing for competitive exams have access to all the books and study materials at one place.

New books are launched on the app and website!

If you love reading novels, this place is for you because you don’t have to have a membership nor is there a fee for it.