Pen is mighter than sword

Deepanshu Porwal   26/04/2023, 23:43

Pen and sword are two different objects, when compared they would have nothing in common, yet it is a famous proverb that “the pen is mightier than a sword”. This proverb itself symbolises the greatness and effectiveness of a pen as compared to a sword. Both are used in their specific areas, both have their own functionalities and have their own impact. Yet pen can do those miracles which a sword can never ever.

A small pen with an even smaller tip is a weapon for a writer. It is used to express thoughts, impact minds and change millions of hearts. But a sword can stop a beating heart and make a person dead. Books, newspapers, blogs etc. are a platform to share information, move mass of public and sensitise their minds and even influence the world through writing. Reading an article based on a critical topic can put a mind into introspection. A sword can be handled well by a combatant, someone who is physically well built, strong enough to handle it and use it well against the opponent, but words can flow from a pen even of a feeble man. Many great writers have inspired men and brought revolution in the society

The power a pen holds is enormously larger than that of a sword. What a sharp-edged sword cannot achieve can be achieved by the minute tip of a pen. This way of putting your beliefs is peaceful and less ruthless as compared to the bloodshed caused by a sword. A pen has a positive impact implying that one is able and willing to accept new information which justifies changing one’s opinion. A blow with powerful words influence millions. Swords cannot build long lasting kingdoms. Thoughts and words written by great writers have been successful in destroying dictatorship and monarchy of all those cruel kings who tortured the common people.