Khushi   September 4, 2022

This is a very popular and highly recommended book that makes it in top places under the enemies to lover trope. The Spanish love Deception by Elena Armas is an office-based romance where the female protagonist Catalina Martin needs a date for her sister's wedding in Spain. She is desperate to find a date to go with her since she lied about having an American boyfriend who will arrive with her for her sister's wedding. Everyone she knows including her ex-fiancé will be attending the wedding. She has only four weeks to find a date who will play along the role well because her family isn’t the one to be deceived easily. Here enters the male protagonist of the novel Aaron Blackford who willingly offers to help her. But she refuses and is hell bound to not even consider him to go with her and she refuses his offer. However as the wedding date draws near, Aaron is her best way out and as the story progresses and they spend more time together she realizes that Aaron might not be as bad in real life as he is in office. This book grabs readers attention with the constant situations happening in the book. The story becomes more and more engaging leaving the reader invested in the characters. This is a perfect blend of work romance to lovers. There are for sure some twists and turns but it also has strong personality protagonists and care.

This book is a good enemies to loves read where there is no toxicity or toxic characters to the extreme are involved. It definitely differs from person to person but this book has good build up and strong characters that involve all the situations and personality that one needs to get invested. This book does have a predictable ending but it sure does keeps you engage till the end.

This book for sure takes you on a ride of events in Catalina’s life as she goes from despising the man she hates to love him as she gets to know him more. This story will take you on a ride of wanting to read more and more. This book also covers topic like basic work environment and the struggle a women faces that goes unacknowledged in the corporate world. This book does contain situations but it isn’t stuffed with too many scenarios all at once. The story goes along well together and events fits each other. This book gives you the feeling of ‘novel feeling ‘as I term it. However, the story is not a hundred percent realistic it has it’s flaws that are not necessarily flaws but some drawbacks like the male lead is like every generic male lead you could imagine and the story is pretty unrealistic. But I think that’s what makes this story great on it’s own a novel that will ignite emotions and be an escape from reality. It certainly does stand up to that standards and gives you all the enemies to lover that you need.

And here are some special quotes from the book

‘’I’ll give you the world’’

‘’The moon, The fucking stars. Anything you ask, it’s yours. I’m yours’’

“If you get any more perfect, I’m going to believe you were made just for me.”

“I wasn’t pretending, Catalina. Not for a minute. It was all real for me. That’s why it meant so much.”
“we’ve got this.”

“My eyelids eventually fluttered shut, but right before darkness engulfed me, I thought I heard Aaron whisper, “You feel complete in my arms. You feel like my home.”