DEEPALI SHARMA   September 6, 2022

The Vampire Diaries is all about a love triangle between Elina Stephen and Damon. this is a new unseen world of vampires. this novel revolves around the female lead character “Elena Gilbert”, she is the popular girl of the high school in “Mystic Falls”. Elina suffers from the death of her parents. She starts to think that she will never be happy again but after the entry of a new student “Stephen Salvatore” she instantly fall in love with him and then Stephen’s older brother Damon Salvatore shows up and ends up falling in love with Elina too. on her 18th birthday Damon gives Elina a necklace she cherishes and that’s the moment she realizes that she loves him and the story ends with happy-go-lucky reunion of Damon and Elena.

I must say this series has a good building of creepy events, a tragic back story, high school drama, mysterious power and vampires. what I love about the “Vampire Diaries” is how the Vampire are portrayed in this. it is a darker series where evil is always lurking. this story is not a horror story but a mixture of romance, horror, thriller and action.

First, I thought it was a copy of “Twilight” but that's not true, Daman character has exceeded my expectations though he is a villain in the series still he played a fantastic role and turns out to be a hero in the end of the story.

The most important thing to know about the series is that the series involve a lot of transition from present to past. As for the character they were all exciting and unique to me, the characters are well written and the acting of the characters are definitely convincing. I absolutely love this book with the romance and the drama. I was never bored reading it. I would definitely recommend this.

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