Blueprint Class 9 Information Technology Code 402

Blueprint - 2021-22

Blueprint’s Information Technology Class 9 (Skill Course), is a planned sequence of instructions consisting of Units meant for developing employability and vocational competencies of learners, opting for vocational subject along with general education subjects. The focus of the book is to develop and enhance skills of communication which will improve the employability and understanding of a vocational course, in a simple manner. The book caters to the latest change in the vocational curriculum as posted on the website of CBSE. SALIENT FEATURES The salient features of the book are: Dashboard: An introduction to the chapter Extended Learning: Additional facts and figures to enhance the learner's interest Keyboard Shortcuts: Quicker methods for navigating and executing commands Glossary: Definitions of some important terms in the chapter Summary: Quick recapitulation of the important points Troubleshoot: Solved exercises to reinforce the concepts taught Test Yourself: Unsolved exercises for assessment, at the end of the chapter, that include a variety of questions: Objective type questions Subjective type questions Application based questions relating to real-life situations Blueprint’s Information Technology Class 9 also includes Lab Exercises as stated by the curriculum, which includes: Word Processing Projects Presentation Projects Spreadsheet Projects Test Paper: As per CBSE Sample Paper pattern for class 10 QR code: Includes animations and step-wise explanation of lab exercises Answer Key: For all chapter exercises

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