Disha Smarter Differential Calculus for JEE Main Advanced KVPY and Olympiads

Disha - 2023

Ist of its kind of book validated by IIT JEE Toppers. The book smarter differential Calculus for JEE Main, advanced, KVPY & Olympiads delves deep into the basics of the topic and then advances into the IIT JEE level and ends up high with the international Mathematics Olympiad level. Each Chapter has been well explained and illustrated with numerous examples for the better understanding of the reader. Structure of the book: Each Chapter is divided in different topics: topic-wise detailed theory along with numerous illustrations. Theory starts from the scratch and goes up to Olympiad level. Topic-wise concept Applicator (level 1): Basic concept testing questions. Topic-wise concept Builder (level 2): Concept strengthening questions. End of topic concept Cracker (level 3): IIT JEE Main/ state level exams. Multiple CC exercises are given in JEE Main format with 1 HR time limits each. Concept Deviator (level 4): multiple CC exercises are given in JEE Advanced format with 1 HR time limits each. Concept eliminator (level 5): Mathematics Olympiad/ KVPY level questions. Other unique features of this book are: 1. Board level questions are given to emphasis on Board Exam2. Previous 20 years JEE Advanced/ main questions are included3. Advance level theory is provided for those who aim for JEE Advanced/ Olympiad exams.4. Questions are in all MCQ formats of new pattern of IIT JEE5. Olympiad level questions are added in different section (only for extra ordinary students. Detailed solution to each and every question is provided.7. Another unique feature of the book is that exercises are prepared for 1 HR slots, so that students can work on their speed and accuracy at the same time. In JEE Main 25 questions are to be attempted in 1 HR whereas in JEE Advanced 20 questions (all question types) are to be attempted in 1HR.

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