Financial Management Theory and Practice by Prasanna Chandra 9th edition

MGH - 2016

The Ninth edition of Financial Management is a comprehensive and up-to-date text that presents the central themes and concerns of corporate financial management. It presents an analytical approach to corporate finance decision-making. It is the most contemporary Indian book available. It helps readers develop a thorough understanding of the theories and concepts in a systematic way.

This new edition is specially designed to keep pace with the dramatic transformation of India's business and financial scenario. The book captures a well-rounded description of tax and regulatory framework, various issues in financial management, and a discussion of financial management practices with adequate treatment of analytical tools.


? New topics included such as Finance in Action, Continuous Compounding, Value of a Put Options, Behavioural Biases in Capital Investments, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, Financial Management in Small and Medium Enterprises, etc.

?Build understanding of the central ideas and theories of modern finance

? Develop familiarity with the analytical techniques helpful in financial decision making

? Furnish institutional material relevant for understanding the environment in which financial decisions are taken

? Discuss the practice of financial management with emphasis on behavioural dimension

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