Galaxy Physics Mechanics Vol 1 by Ashish Arora

NA - 2021

Physics Galaxy by Ashish Arora is a result of deep stress and serious efforts of the brain of distinguished academician Ashish Arora to ensure fundamental understanding and advance applications of concepts in Physics. This series includes four books that cover the complete syllabus of classes XI and XII. In these books, under each topic, numerous illustrations are included for a better understanding of the concept. Also, to help in understanding the right method to solve questions, a systematically step-by-step approach is adopted in easy and simple explanations for each solved example. After every topic, comprehensive time-bound tests are given to strengthen the objective and comprehensive abilities of students. You can also avail yourself access to the world's largest encyclopedia of online video lectures for high school Physics. These exclusive lectures are prepared by Ashish Arora. The everyday view count of these lectures is 30000+, and till now, more than 24 million lectures have been watched by students in 180+ countries. Physics Galaxy is undoubtedly among the best Physics textbooks for Class XI and Class XII. Salient Features: Systematically step-by-step approach for easy understanding. Time-bound tests after every topic. Includes four books that cover the complete syllabus of classes XI and XII.

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