Indian Air Force Airman Group X PHYSICS

Arihant Publications - 2017-18

A recruitment examination is conducted by the Central Airmen Selection Board (CASB) of Indian Air Force for filling up the posts of Airman in Group ‘X’ (Technical Trades). The board invites applications for the post of Airman in Group ‘X’ (Technical Trades) from unmarried male Indian citizens. This book has been designed for the candidates preparing for the recruitment examination to the post of Airman Group ‘X (Technical Trades). The present book for Indian Air Force Airman Group ‘X’Technical TradesRecruitment Examination for Physics has been divided into 61 chapters namely Units & Measurements, Motion in a Straight Line, Scalar & Vectors, Projectile Motion, Laws of Motion, Friction, Work, Power & Energy, Collision, Circular Motion, Rotational & Movement of Inertia, Gravitation, Elasticity, Fluid Pressure, Electrical Capacitance, Ohms Law, Potentiometer, Surface Tension, Thermometry, Wave Motion, Electric Potential, Instruments, Semiconductor & Devices, Human Eye, Interference, Digital Electronics, Structure of Atom, Communication, Photometry, Diffraction, Digital Electronics, Nuclei & Radioactivity, etc.

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