Limit State Design of Steel Structures by SK Duggal

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Chapter 1: General Considerations Chapter 2: Plastic Analysis and Design Chapter 3: Foundation for Limit State Design—I: Residual Stresses, Local Buckling and Section Classification Chapter 4: Foundation for Limit State Design—II: Reliability Theory Chapter 5: Design Philosophies Chapter 6: Limit State Design Chapter 7: Simple Connections–Bolted, Pinned and Riveted Connections Chapter 8: Simple Welded Connection Chapter 9: Eccentric and Moment Connections Chapter 10: Tension Members Chapter 11: Compression Members Chapter 12: Beams Chapter 13: Plate Girder Chapter 14: Gantry Girder Chapter 15: Members under Combined Axial Load and Moments Chapter 16: Column Bases and Caps Chapter 17: Roof Trusses Chapter 18: Tubular Roof Trusses Appendices I: Metallurgy of Steel II: Plastic Properties of Beams III: Designation of Steel Sections IV: Drawbacks of Hot-Rolled Sections with Tapered Flanges V: Buckling of Plates under Compression in One Direction VI: Post-Buckling VII: Standard Normal Tables: The N (0, 1) Distribution VIII: Geometric Imperfections IX: Failure Criteria for Steel X: Shear Deformations XI: Elastic Lateral Torsional Buckling XII: Shear Center

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