Problems Plus IIT Maths by A Das Gupta (2017-18)

Bharti Bhavan - 2017-18

This book, Problems Plus In IIT Mathematics, has been compiled mainly to hone the skills of students and help them in their preparation for the IIT-JEE. A lot of exercises have been provided in the book for the necessary revision and practice of the IIT-JEE aspirants.

The book carries with it some salient features which separate it from the rest of its kind. The inception of every chapter occurs with a gist of facts, formulae, and working techniques. Icons are given to mark the tricks and hints. Solved questions are provided for each chapter which include both short and long objective type questionnaires. In addition to that, multiple answer questions have also been included. Practice tests have been given at the end for the benefit of the students along with solutions. Moreover, a separate chapter comprising miscellaneous questions is there in the end. This provision should turn out to be very helpful for the students because they would not know the chapter from which the question is given beforehand.

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